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EMS Leaders of Tomorrow

Join Scott Ryno, Scott Gross, Dave Brown and the EMMCO West team as we present this yearís version of EMS Leaders of Tomorrow.  This year we will feature top notch speakers and information regarding grant writing, introducing a QI committee to your organization and media relations.
(Grant Writing CE 3 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007225)
(QI CE 2 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007248)
(Media Relations CE 4 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007230)

Donít Give Up on Me Yet!

In this lecture our Regional Medical Director, Dr. Brian Risavi and our Assistant Regional Medical Director, Dr. Carrie Colleran will present case reviews on the high functioning CPR initiative that the state implemented in July 2013.  The results will speak for themselves.
(CE 3 Med Trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #009993)

Defense In The Back Of The Unit

Have you ever felt trapped in the back of your ambulance with an unruly patient?  Have you ever been in a situation where you didnít really feel safe?  Generally we are not looking to become involved in violent situations, but at times we find ourselves in harmís way.  In this interactive lecture Dr. Marcia Rossman will demonstrate how to protect yourself if you get into trouble.
(CE 1.5 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007247)

New Decontamination Strategies For Emergency Responders

We all know that the Marcellus shale and natural gas drilling is a big industry in Western PA.  Do you know how to keep yourself safe if you would need to respond to one of these drilling sites?  What is in the fracking fluids?  What dangers do we face?  In this lecture Donny Beaver will give us insight on how to protect yourself and your partner while working in and around these sites.
(CE 1.5 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007293)

Knowing Your Driving Limits

Youíve already been working 18 hour and you get a long distance trip.  Or the roads are icy and snow covered and you get the call to respond to an accident.  Letís face it.  We have to drive in some pretty horrible weather and on a lack of sleep.  Do you know how much is too much?  Could you make a decision on whether you should be driving?  Steve Rabine from VFIS will review when we reach our limit and should no longer be behind the wheel.
(CE 1.5 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007246)

Facing The Reimbursement Challenge

As if things arenít bad enough, the government is making regulations on reimbursement even more strict.  Services are facing more demands with less and less money.  JR Henry has been very active in advocating for more reimbursement and is here to discuss the latest issues surrounding reimbursement.
(CE 1 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #004850)

Treating A Victim of Sexual Assault

From your very first day of training on domestic violence and assault patients you have always been told to tread lightly and let the patient talk.  However there are certain questions and procedures which are crucial to preserving evidence and thoroughly assessing the patient.  Dr. Simonian, the Erie Rape Crisis Center and PA Coalition Against Rape will be here to help guide us through this difficult situation.
(CE 1 Other & 0.5 Med Trauma- EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #001656)

Helping The Confused Patient: Geriatric Behavioral Emergencies

As our baby boomer generation is aging we are seeing  more and more elderly patients with mental issues that are requiring our assistance.  From Alzheimer's to dementia to medical causes for behavior, Amiee Weislogel will help us navigate through these tricky situations.
(CE 1.5 Med Trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #003927)

Hot Topics In Burn Care

Burns are a potential trauma that most of us face regularly on the job. Fire stand-by and firefighter rehab are part of our job.  We need to be prepared with the newest and best treatment possible for our patients.  UPMC Mercy Hospital will be here to discuss the latest treatments for the burn patient.
(CE 1.5 Med Trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #900721)

Fireside Chat

One of our own, Richard Gibbons, returns to NW PA in a new role.  Join our new Bureau of EMS Director for  a laid back conversation on whatever is on your mind.  Got questions about the new regulations?  Want to know whatís going on in Harrisburg or the next big challenge in EMS?  Dick will be here to answer all your questions.
(CE 1.5 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #004687)

Community Paramedicine

Whatís new in Paramedicine?  Community Paramedicine.  This new and upcoming role for EMS providers is already making a name for itself here in PA.  Dr.Swayze implemented a program in the Pittsburgh area with amazing results.  Join him as he discusses the newest wave of EMS and how it will affect all of us in the future.
(CE 1.5 Med Trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007241)

Bariatric Extrication and Evaluation

Anyone working in the field today can tell you our patients are getting bigger.  This can leave us with some extreme challenges.  Dr. Sullivan will give us some helpful hints on moving and lifting the extremely obese patient and review some of the special challenges they face.
(CE 1.5 Med Trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #005210)

Just Breathe: Pre Hospital Airway

Ever heard the phrase without an airway you donít have a patient?  Airway is one of the most important assessments EMS practitioners can do.  In this lecture Dr. Jestin Calson will discuss all things prehospital airway and what we can do in tricky situations.
(CE 1.5 Med trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #002887)

Teaching is Like A Box of Chocolates

As EMS Instructors we face a challenge of relating to our students and trying to find how they learn best.  Experienced instructors will tell you no two students are alike.  Letís face it, weíve all squeezed a chocolate to see what is on the inside.  Dr. Cox and Jenn Swab are back to show us how to find out what is inside our students.
(CE 1.5 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007224)

EMS Management and Leadership

In general we as EMS do a great job of eating our young.  We tend to hold them to our standards which have been developed over years.  We need to do a better job of mentoring new practitioners and help them learn from our experience.  Dr. Risavi will give us some helpful tips on changing our leadership styles to encourage  new members.
(CE 1.5 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #004414)

10 Things In Your Textbook That Are Not Correct

We all know once we hit the streets not everything in our classroom or book are true.  Sometimes we need to adapt.  Dr. Kodat points out some of the myths that might have been included in your initial training programs or textbook.
(CE 1.5 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #005211)

Iím Feeling A Little Blue: Respiratory Emergencies

One of the true emergencies that we can fix in the field, respiratory distress or arrest are common emergencies.  Ms. Shakley will review everything from asthma to cardiac events in this lecture.
(CE 1.5 Med Trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #005806)

Civillian Blast Injuries

Dr. Kupas recently visited Israel.  During his visit he had the opportunity to learn from doctors who deal with civilians who are severely injured.  Learn from his real life experience.  This is a 3 part class, Civilian Blast Injuries (30 minutes), Post-Resucitation Hypothermia (30 minutes) and Changes in Spinal Immobilazation Philosophy (30 minutes).
(CE Civilian Blast Injuries 0.5 Med Trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007249)
(CE Post-Resuscitation 0.5 Med Trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007250)
(CE Spinal Immobilization 0.5 Med Trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007251)

Backwoods Boo Boos

Rural EMS presents great challenges for EMS practitioners.  Longer transport times, the inability to contact medical command, rough terrain.  All of these issues add up to special challenges we face on a daily basis.  Scott Dolan will relate his knowledge and experience to help us overcome these challenges.
(CE 1 Med Trauma & 0.5 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007261)

Are We Safe?  A Just Culture Approach

New regulations require a safety committee.  Have you thought about the safety challenges that face your department.  A lot of time we take safety for granted.  In this lecture Tom Leibman will discuss some of the challenges and solutions for making your department a safer place to work.
(CE 1.5 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007245)

Strokes: Just Like Golf Itís All About Assessment

Stroke patients can present with very subtle assessment findings.  Do you know what to look for?  With time sensitive treatment options available it is of upmost importance that we are experts in our assessment of stroke patients. Dr. Romero will review the assessment process and key findings that a stroke patient may present.
(CE 1.5 Med Trauma - FR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #003490)

Patients And The Decisions We Make For Them

As EMS Practitioners we are sometimes forced to make decisions for our patients.  Whether they are unresponsive, underage or not capable of making a decision, we do what we think is best.  Dick will review some of the more interesting cases and discuss if the practitioner made the appropriate decision and why.
(CE Submitted to the Department of Health for con-ed credit)

PCR Data Reporting

Documentation is the crux of our business.  Not only does it provide a pathway for reimbursement, but it also provides a legal document that documents our assessment findings,  a picture of the environment and a way for us to recall the events at a later time if we need to do so.  Join the gang from EMS Charts and review some key items that should be reflected in your documentation.
(CE 1.5 Other - FR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #005263)

When Epidemics Attack

Flu season is in full swing.  Are you doing what you need to be doing to protect you and your family?  What if what you are exposed to is more deadly or requires a higher level of protection?  Are you prepared?  Jason Chenault and Dave Basnak will remind us of the hidden dangers and how we can best protect ourselves.
(CE 1.5 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007242)

Capnography: Beyond The Tube

Capnography has been around a while, but are you really gaining all the information you can once your apply it to your patient?  What do those mystical waveforms really mean.  What can we do to improve our patientís readings.  Dr. Colleran is on board to help investigate why the waveform is so important.
(CE 1.5 Med Trauma - EMT-P, PHRN #004227)
(CE 1 Med Trauma - EMT #004227)
(CE 0.5 Med Trauma - FR #004227)

State Of The Union

Join us for our annual review of the EMS System in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Director Gibbons will give an overview on the new regulations and what lies ahead on the horizon for EMS.
(CE 1.5 Other - FR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #005359)

Preparing For A Disaster: Boston Marathon Bombing

The day and the events surrounding the 2013 Boston Marathon will go down in the history books.  Deputy Commander Ed Hasson was the highest ranking Boston EMS person on duty that day and was immediately thrust into a situation where he had to make decisions.  Fortunately for him the city was prepared.  They were ready and plans started to fall into place.  Join Deputy Commander Hasson as he recalls the events before, during and after the bombing.
(CE 1 Other - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007243)

A Thousand Miles: Trauma From The Patient Perspective

You respond to a horrible accident to find a critically injured patient.  Did you ever stop to think of how things appear from the patientís perspective?  Rebecca recalls her accident and gives you a real perspective of how our patients view our care and demeanor while strapped to the cot.
(CE 1 Med Trauma - EMR, EMT, EMT-P, PHRN #007244)
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