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Effective Organizational Governance
Jerry Ozog

A great organization does not come by accident. Effective organizational governance leads to a solid performing ESO. This presentation will review organizational structures, governance documents such as legislation and bylaws, responsibilities of board members, and the relationship between the board and the chief executive. The presentation will also identify governance challenges and solutions that will guide an organization toward success.
008758 - 1.5 Other Credit

Relationships with Public Officials
Jerry Ozog

All ESOís have to interact with government officials. Those officials, elected or appointed may hold tremendous power over the organization. Too many times an ESOís only communication with local government is at budget time or when a crisis occurs. Positive relationships with public officials are essential to providing the best possible service to your community. This session will identify why unclear expectations between public officials and leaders of ESOís can lead to problems. Solutions to those problems may be easier than expected. As they say, itís all about relationships.Ē
008761 - 2.5 Other Credit

Distracted Driving in the Ambulance
Joel Feldman, Esq.

Driving while engaged in any activity that could divert a personís attention away from the primary task of driving is the definition of distracted driving. Texting, making cellphone calls, eating, reaching for the radio microphone Öthe list of activities that put all of us at risk, is endless.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that in 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, 3,331 people lost their lives and another 387,000 were injured in distraction-affected crashes. The number of collisions involving distracted emergency vehicle drivers on public roads who were at-fault increased by 122 percent over the last decade coinciding with a meteoric rise in technology.

Joel Feldman, founder of EndDD.org, lost his daughter to a distracted driver in 2009 and admits he drove distracted-until his daughterís death changed his driving habits. In this powerful presentation, Joel will talk about his experience with distracted driving and how EMS providers, firefighters and other public safety professionals can work together and discourage bad driving habits among each other and, more importantly, their families, friends and neighbors. 007798 - 1 Other Credit

EMS Driving & Simulation
Brian Shaw

EMMCO West is proud to host a driverís simulation module at this yearís safety conference. The training module is a joint project between UPMC and EMSI to help improve the safety of EMS providers. The simulator is located inside of a climate controlled trailer, and is capable of providing training to 2 drivers simultaneously.  Each driverís station has 3 large screens to provide visual input with surround sound. Drivers not only have to negotiate the traffic on the way to an emergency call, but also have to operate the lights, sirens and radios for a truly realistic scenario. The simulation starts with a preset program, but changes can be made on the fly by the module operator.
008762 - 1 Other Credit

Burn Care
Dr. Jorge Varcelotti

Burn patients are almost always a high priority patient. What we do in the field can impact how the patient recovers from their injury. Join Dr. Varcelloti as he discusses the latest treatment of the burn patient.
008748 - 1 Clinical Patient Care Credit

Active Shooter: A Disaster In Our Community
Roy Cox

The exposure to vicarious trauma may occur after listening to a first responderís role in a critical incident. Crisis responders are at risk for experiencing many of the same images, thought processes, psychological, cognitive, emotional, and physiological symptoms that the public safety personnel experiencing the critical incident first.
008749 - 1 Clinical Patient Care Credit

ICD10 Codes: Are You Ready?
Scott Ryno

Was your patient bitten by a pig? Did he have an unfortunately run in with a cow? You might think to yourself ďhow the heck are we gonna bill for thatĒ. Billing is a big part of our business. The right documentation can mean the difference between collecting funds or not. In this lecture, Scott takes a light hearted look at some of the more unusual billing codes.
008753 - 1 Other Credit

Do You Think Itís My Heart?
Dr. Matthew Becker
Chest pain and shortness of breath are the most common signs of a cardiac event, but what are some of the more elusive signs and symptoms. In this lecture, Dr. Becker talks about cardiac emergencies and how we can treat patients to improve outcomes.
003483 - 1 Clinical Patient Care Credit

Lightening Rounds
Dr. Brian Risavi

009991 - 1 Clinical Patient Care Credit

Street Drugs: Whatís New Now?
Jeff Corsetti

As street level practitioners we see the epidemic of drug use becoming more and more frequent. Every year we see different drugs take center stage in the back of our rigs. Dr. Corsetti is here to talk about the common drugs of abuse today. Hang on! Itís gonna be a wild ride.
008752 - 1 Clinical Patient Care Credit

Gizmos & Gadgets
Dr. Richard Maenza

Ever come across a patient who was connected to a machine and you didnít know what it was? With advances in technology, more and more patients are being sent home connected to some type of machine that is keeping them alive or healthy. As EMS practitionerís we encounter these devices and donít really know how to deal with them. Dr. Maenza will review some of the newer technology and give us a heads up on what we need to do for these patients.
008751 - 1 Clinical Patient Care Credit

From Start To Finish
Dr. Chris Cammaratta

Dr. Chris Cammarata talks about how prehospital treatments impact the care of patients well beyond the arrival of the patient to the Emergency Department. This program includes a tracer of the patient as they go from time of injury to discharge from the hospital.
008765 - 1 Clinical Patient Care Credit

What To Do When You Canít Push It Back In
Karen Glass

In this lecture, Karen takes a look at complications of newborn deliveries. What do you do when the baby is blue and not responding to stimulation and drying? When should you be concerned that the baby is not acting right? Donít worry! Karenís got it covered and she will let you in on some tricks of the trade.
Submitted to DOH for con ed credit

DOH Update
Dick Gibbons, Director BEMS Acting Secretary of Health

Richard Gibbons will be here to give us an overview of what is going on around the state and the country in EMS.
No Credit

Respiratory Emergencies
Dr. Martin G. Hellman

001697 - 1 Clinical Patient Care

Things Are Not Always As They Seem
Dr. Owen Traynor

Details, Details, details. The importance is in the details. Dr. Traynor returns to our conference to speak about some cases that present like one type of illness or injury, but turn out to be something completely different.
009991 - 1 Clinical Patient Care Credit

EMS: Making a Difference on a Cellular Level
Randy Benner

Everything about our existence is governed by the cell, and our treatment is better aimed at assuring cell life for if we donít, cell death is the only outcome. This presentation will dive into what a cell needs to survive and how our interventions can be better applied to assure this simple goal: ďIf you can keep one cell alive, you can keep them all alive.Ē
008768 - 1 Other Credit
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